Size Is No Guarantee Of Power

I'm Ginny Weasley. I'm a 5th year Gryffindor with a big family and a quick temper.

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Harry had done a decent job at not smirking too much as he passed a mildly flustered Ginny on his way out of the hall. This wasn’t going to be easy for him, that was sure. Now, to find Ron… He wanted his best friend’s approval before letting the cat out of the bag, but he was hoping Ginny would make a move on the break-up front so they didn’t have to be so secretive. Granted, things would have to go slow to the public, otherwise it’d be quite obvious as to Ginny’s real reasons for ending things with Dean.

A sudden clasp of a feminine hand around his wrist and a quick tug into a nearby closet sent Harry into a whirl of mild confusion and immediately brought him out of his love struck musings. “Wha-!?”


Ginny. He should have known. The light from her wand danced upon her cheeks with the same playfulness that littered her bright eyes.

“You can’t just send me flirtatious notes and then walk away Potter.”

He grinned, grabbed her tightly round the waist and pulled her into him. With his lips nearly touching hers he whispered, “And just what are you going to do about it?” And with that, he pressed his mouth firmly upon her perfect lips.

After a moment of mild passion, Harry pushed away from the firey red-head and chuckled. “And you Miss Weasley, can’t be pulling boys into broom closets and expect no one to notice.” He swept a hair from her face, letting his fingers become lightly tangled in her hair. Kissing her forehead, he let a less than pleased sigh escape his lips. “I can’t wait to kiss you somewhere a little more romantic than a locker room and a broom closet.” He gave her a subtle smile and cupped her face in his hand, “You deserve more romance than this little secret allows me to give.” He winked and kissed her nose. I sound like such a git. “So then, just how do you propose we vacate this closet without getting noticed? Next time warn me,” he laughed, “I’ll pack my cloak.”

Ginny let out a small squeal as Harry pulled her against him and brought his face close to her. Their lips were so close and all she wanted to do was close the inch between.

"And just was are you going to do about it?"

Before she could respond Harry’s mouth was pressed against hers. Wrapping her arms around his neck and standing on her toes she pulled herself closer, a small moan escaping her throat. Too soon Harry was pulling himself away and the mouth that just moments ago was engaged in some good snogging was now forming into a small, but playful, pout.

Harry was talking but the red head was only half listening. Most of her attention was on the small touches and kisses that he was giving her. This could not be reality, it was too good. Even if they had to stay a secret they were still together and Harry was far more affectionate then she had ever imagined he’d be. As he placed his hand against her cheek Ginny closed her eyes for a moment, relishing in even this little touch. Slowly she opened them, looking back towards his dimly lit face.

"Just how do you propose we vacate this closet without getting noticed? Next time warn me, I’ll pack my cloak."

"You should probably keep it on you at all times," She chuckled in reply, "Because I particularly enjoy doing this." Grabbing his shirt she pulled him down towards her, allowing mouth moving against his for another brief moment before letting go.

"Now since you are so popular," She said sticking her tongue out at him, "I’ll check and see if the coast is clear."

Pressing her ear against the door Ginny did not hear any noise coming from the other side. Slowly she cracked open the door and peered out in both directions. The hallway was clear. “Looks like we’re good to go oh Chosen-One.” She used the nickname to tease him but saying it caused the flicker of thoughts after reading the Prophet that morning to creep back into the recesses of her consciousness.

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“You can’t just send me flirtatious notes and then walk away Potter.”

“You can’t just send me flirtatious notes and then walk away Potter.”


Sara smiled, weakly. “Thanks” She said. “I know that it will” She said, a sudden determination built up inside of her. “I will never let them get to me.” She shook her head. She would never ever believe that the Dark Lord and his little followers would win. Not when the the Light Side had Dumbledore. The Light Side a lot of faith and they knew they would win if they never gave up and fought until they couldn’t anymore.

The redhead suddenly released Sara’s arm and went to the refrigerator rummanging for something. Then she found what she was looking for and set it on the counter. It was the pie from dinner. “I agree” Sara said, going to stand next to the girl. “Do you want some?” Ginny asked. “Sure” Sara smiled, kindly.

Ginny cut the girl a slice of pie and handed it over. Pulling herself up onto the counter Ginny grabbed her own plate and took a bite. Closing her eyes she enjoyed the sweet taste of the desert, even cold it was delicious. “One thing you cannot deny is that these elves sure know how to cook.”

Opening her eyes and setting them on the girl she realized that she knew little of the older Gryffindor. Since she woke her up she decided that she might as well make small talk. “So Sara, tell me about yourself? Do you have any siblings?” This was one of the first questions she asked because she found it really did effect a persons personality.

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Alexander had moved away from the rather noisy Hufflepuff table, it was unusual for such sounds to be emitted but then the Quidditch team were hyped up for practice. As he strolled out of those great doors, and towards the court-yards a deep sigh was released from him. He wasn’t fond of the noise, he was profoundly more talkative than he had been years ago but he still preferred some time to himself. 

The male found himself a seat upon one of the cold stone seats, his fingers pressed against the bitter surface as he gazed towards the clear skies. It was bright, could almost pass as a summers day if it wasn’t for the bitter winds and lone-some temperature. But it didn’t particularly bother the male much, his shirt as usual was un-tucked as he ran his fingers through his messy hair. 

It was only when his dark blue hue eyes fell upon a female making her way under the covered path-way of the courtyard, that he had the sudden energy to make a conversation for once. As she came closer to him, he stood up and waved a hand towards her. He called out with a friendly voice, “hello”.

Ginny sat at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall methodically eating her food. She was not really paying attention to what she was shuffling in her mouth, instead her mind with running on overdrive with everything that had happened the last few months, even years. It seemed as if things kept being piled on and the youngest Weasley was beginning to wonder when it would end.

As she zoned out the noise from the Great Hall began to filter straight into her ears. It was as if the sounds were being magnified and it was making her tense. She needed to calm down and relax. Pushing her plate away Ginny got up from the table and found herself walking towards the courtyard, where there was just one solitary figure occupying one of the benches.

From a distance she could not make out who it was but as she approached she recognized the boy as the captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. Hearing his greeting Ginny walked out from underneath the covered walkway and over towards the bench. “Hey Alex.” She said as she wrapped her arms across her chest. It was a chilly day and she had neglected to get a coat before wandering outside. While she was trying to curl into a warm ball the boy did not seem bothered, “How are you not freezing out here?”


Sara knew what the redhead was going through. Just last week she had the same nightmare. To make matters worse, she was a muggle-born. She always loathes going to Hogwarts, knowing her parents are vunerable. Ginny suddenly got pissed as she explained why she hated the masked men so much.

“They do it because they’re cowards” Sara said. “They have the fear that if they don’t do whatever the ‘Dark Lord’ says, them and their whole family will be killed. “My dad’s side of the family was murdered last year.” Sara suddenly dropped her voice. “The day before my birthday” She whispered. “I’m scared that with the war coming at us, we will be thrown in it sooner or later.” Sara shrugged. “I just want life to be normal” She sighed, sadly.

Ginny’s expression softened into one of sympathy as the girl spoke. “I’m so sorry about your dad’s family.” She offered as she reached out and gave the girls shoulder a reassuring squeeze. “And things will get back to normal,” she said with a determination ignited in her eyes, “We have to believe that. If we let them get to us then they win.”

Releasing the girls arm she turned around and opened the refrigerator, rummaging through for some remnants of the pie that they had at dinner. Finally spotted the object of her search she pulled it out and sat it on the counter. “I know we’re all freaked out and unsure but there has to be something or someone that will be able to stop you-know-who.” Pulling out a knife she cute herself a piece and placed it on a plate, “Do you want some?”

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Harry woke and dreams of Ginny slowly faded into the the morning sun. He’d overslept, so the dorm was empty. Dressing, he shuffled down the stairs, skipping a few here and there, a bounce to his step. He shot a glance at the chair he’d left Ginny in the night before: empty. He let a shameless grin grow on his face, and headed for the Great Hall, his stomach growling. Walking in, Harry’s eyes fell immediately on the fiery red head of a pretty girl, and he instictively walked to sit next to her, realizing awkwardly too late that he was beelining straight for ‘Dean’s Girl’. Shit. “Er, hey Ginny…” he ran his left hand across the back of his neck, and rocked back on his heels. It felt like the whole room was staring at them, their secret screaming at the highest steeple of the school. “Uh, nice practice last night.” He slugged her gently on the shoulder and walked past her, finding an open spot father down the bench, putting decent space between them. He wondered where Ron and Hermione were; more than likely Hermione had dragged Ron off to one of their classes. He pulled a small notebook from his back pocket and scribbled a note with his wand. Folding it and glancing around, he quickly whispered, “Wingardium leviosa.” and shot the note down the table, letting it fall daintily in front of Ginny who seemed almost depressingly engrossed in her Daily Prophet. Harry was on such a high from the night prior that he had no desire to glance at the news; last thing he wanted was to be brought back down to earth.

Good morning beautiful.”

He winked at her, and quickly finished his breakfast. He rose with a slight spin, and headed to class, hoping to maybe bump into Ron. He needed to feel out the whole situation and get his approval. Otherwise, things could get awkward.

People began to file around Ginny as she continued to leaf through the pages of the Prophet. Dean and Seamus arrived not not after she finished with her eggs, the former sitting next to her and placing a kiss on her cheek before turning to his right and continuing the conversation with his mate. Pretending to still be at the task at hand Ginny began brainstorming ways to break up with Dean. Being engrossed in these thoughts Ginny did not notice the raven haired boy of her dreams entered the Great Hall until she heard him stammer out an awkward greeting behind her.

"Er, hey Ginny."

Turning towards the voice a huge smile grew on her face that she had to fight to restrain. He looked slightly uncomfortable, shifting back and forth. All she wanted to do was stand up and wrap her arms around him but she could not do that. She had to control her emotions and attempt to act normal. Even though normal for them the past week had been aggressively avoiding encounters with each other but prior to that they had been something like friends. If she could just maintain something close to that hopefully they could keep this whole thing a secret until things were worked out. Clearing her throat Ginny spoke a greeting back, attempting to keep her tone as nonchalant as possible.

"Uh, nice practice last night."

"Er - yeah." She said as Harry tapped her shoulder and walked away. Shaking her head she turned back to her paper, chuckling to herself. Last nights practice was awful, it was after practice that was not so bad. Thinking of those moments caused her cheeks to turn slightly red. Casting a quick glance out of the corner of her eye told the red head that the boy sitting next to her, the one still considered by most to be her boyfriend, had not noticed any of the occurrences of the previous moments.

Something fell in front of Ginny, bringing her attention back forward. Looking down she saw a folded scrap of parchment. Slowly she lifted her left hand to the table, placed it on the paper, and slid them both towards her. Unfolding the parchment in her lap she saw three words written in a messy scrawl.

"Good morning beautiful."

A subtle look to her left confirmed its sender. Yep, this was going to me much harder then it sounded last night. Before she had a chance to respond the lanky boy had gotten up from the table and was exiting the Hall.

Ginny hastily folded up the paper she had been reading and gathered her belongs. Dean turned towards her, a quizzical look on his face. “I need to go talk to Professor Flitwick before class. I’ll see you later” She offered as she stood up and quickly excited the Great Hall.

As she walked through the double doors she saw the black mess of hair walking down the hallway not to far in front of her. Increasing her pace she was soon a step behind the boy. After casting a glance around to make sure there was no one paying attention, Ginny reached out, grabbed Harry’s right arm. Without look at him she whispered, “Come here.” and guided Harry to a broom closet just a few feet away.

Pushing him in she looked down the hallway once more then stepped inside, closing the door behind her and putting them in complete darkness. “Lumos.” A dim light emitted from the tip of her Holly wand, just enough so she could make out the features of the boy in front of her. “You can’t just send me flirtatious notes and then walk away Potter.” She teased, a cheeky smirk forming on her features.

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Sara took a sip of the pumpkin juice. She sat the goblet down. “Well. Kind of,” Sara shrugged. “I mean. I heard a sound in the common room and I woke up. I could’ve woken up myself, but I decided to investigate” She explained. “So, no, you didn’t wake me up.” She said. She picked up the goblet again, taking a few sips. She raised an eyebrow, looking at Ginny.

 “I fell asleep in the common room and woke up a little shaken. I just wanted… something to take my mind off of it.”

Sara felt her face soften instantly. “Did you have a nightmare?” She asked, worriedly. She always got worried when people had nightmares. “Do you want to talk about it?” She asked, softly. She didn’t want to pressure Ginny into something she didn’t want. “If you don’t, I won’t force you to tell me anything” She added, quickly.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

Now that was loaded question. On one hand getting the issue off her chest would be a good thing but on the other hand her family was so wrapped up in the order that it made it dangerous to say too much outside of a small circle of friends. Ginny’s brow furrowed as she thought over what to say and she lifted the goblet of pumpkin juice to her lips to pass some time.

Taking a deep breathe she looked at the brunette, “It’s probably the same nightmare a lot of people are having now,” she sighed. “My family being attacked by Death Eaters and me powerless to stop them.”

The red head’s face became serious and her eyes became unfocused, “We’ve all become such a target in this war. Mum, dad, my brothers, even I’m on their radar after the fight in the Ministry of Magic last year.” Gazing back at the girl her lips pursed as she felt some of her familiar temper ignite, “It just pisses me off. They sit there and destroy families and make our lives a living hell and sit behind a mask.”

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